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Below are articles about various aspects of the Fender® Stratocaster® to help you understand it better.

  1. Determining correct tremolo arm threading for screw-in tremolo arms.
  2. About our custom manufactured tremolo arms.
  3. Tremolo arm installation issues / Tremolo block and top plate alignment. ( Installing top plates and tremolo blocks together )
  4. Pop-in tremolo arm bridge tremolo arm retention improvements ( American Deluxe, Ultra, Elite and Professional Strat's® )
  5. Understanding Fender's Pop-In Tremolo Arms - (Outside article provided by Sweetwater)
  6. Understanding single coil pickup winding direction and pole piece polarity orientation.
  7. Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Hand Scatter-Wound SSL-1C DG and SSL-1C DG Rw/Rp technical details.
  8. An evening with two of the Fender Custom Shop Gilmour Black Strat's.
  9. Pickguard's - Ply / Layers / Thickness - What's it all mean?
  10. Fender's guide to Stratocaster® single coil pickups. A must read for anyone interested in Fender pickups. Video demo's of many Fender pickup models.
  11. The truth about tone capacitors. Don't buy into the hype...
  12. All the parts you need to build yourself a beautiful Gilmour inspired Black Strat.
  13. Our complete and fully loaded pickguard assembly installation instructions.
  14. Safely intonate your Strat without damaging your vintage style bent steel saddles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q:  When will my order ship?
A:  If your order contains merchandise with “Custom Manufactured, Custom Built or Customized” in the item description then as advertised on the item page where that item is sold there can be up to 45 days turn-around time before your order will ship, actual time depending on particular item ordered and work load in the shop. Otherwise all other merchandise will ship the same day you placed your order if we receive it before 8:00am (Pacific Time), but if we received it after 8:00am (Pacific Time) it will ship the next business day.


Q:  I'm trying to place an internationally shipped order but the only shipping option is "Store Pickup" at a cost of $9,999,999.99, what is wrong?
A:  Nothing is wrong, this is because we are not able to ship to your country and this is the only way we can disallow an order to come in from your country. For the most obvious reason you can't do a "Store Pickup" and no credit card company will ever allow a payment to be processed in the amount of $9,999,999.99. So until conditions or situations change in shipping to your country we will not be able to accept your order.


Q:  I'm having problems submitting my order, my credit card or debit card is not being accepted by PayPal.
A:  The most common mistake made in placing an order is trying to have your order shipped to an alternate address such as work or a friends house, you must enter a shipping address that is the same as your billing address for the credit card or debit card you are using for payment.  Another issue lies in when you try to use a credit card or debit card that is associated with a PayPal account but you are using the guest checkout for payment, if your credit card or debit card has ever been used with a PayPal account or is associated with a PayPal account then you must log into that PayPal account to submit payment.


Q:  I just realized my order has my old or incorrect shipping address, can you change it?
A:  Unfortunately no, we can't change your orders shipping address, your order has to ship to the address you provided at the time of order placement. The only resolution is for us to cancel your order and you will have to re-place the order using the correct shipping address. Contact us to have us cancel your order. Make sure you contact us immediately or your order might have already shipped and if that has happened you will be responsible for the re-ship charges as well as the original ship charges, they are non-refundable. As of October 11, 2019 PayPal has changed their policies on refunds and it directly effects both us and our customers, please read full details in our Policies page under Section 2.1.


Q:  Has my order shipped yet?
A:  If you have not received a shipping confirmation email then no, your order has not yet shipped. You will receive a shipping confirmation email as soon as your order is prepared for shipment. Make sure is marked as "safe" or in your address book to ensure delivery of this important email. You can always log into your PayPal account to check for tracking within the original transaction details if you feel you accidentally deleted the shipping confirmation email.


Q:  Do you ship to APO or FPO addresses?
A:  Yes, they qualify for our USA Destination shipping costs.


Q:  How much will it cost to ship a small international order?
A:  Please read our International Shipping page for complete details on international shipments and charges and how final shipping charges are determined.


Q:  Can you manufacture a “one-off” custom pickguard or back plate?
A:  No, we only manufacture the Acrylic pickguards and back plates currently listed on the website.


Q:  Do you have instructions for an item?
A:  Very few items as they come from Fender® include instructions, so if your item did not include instructions, then they are not available.  Each of our custom built complete Strat® pickguard assemblies come with detailed installation instructions.


Q:  I don't know which tremolo arm fits my Strat®, can you help?
A:  Yes, we have prepared a special page describing the differences between tremolo bridges and tremolo arms - Click here for full details.


Q:  Will your parts fit my Squier® Strat®?
A:  Squier® by Fender® Strat's® have so many differences in specifications than a true Fender® Strat® that most Squier® Strat® parts are unique to the Squier® brand, ask all questions before ordering any part for a Squier® Strat® to determine fit.  All of our parts are aimed at the genuine Fender® Stratocaster® guitar, we do not stock any part that is specific to the Squier® by Fender® Strat®. More than likely you will have to perform some sort of modification to obtain a correct fit with a true Fender® Strat® part adapted to a Squier® Strat®.  We discontinued fabricating our custom stainless steel tremolo arms in the 6mm size back in 2015 so please don't ask us if we can make you a tremolo arm for your Squier® Strat® in 6mm.


Q:  Do you gold plate your tremolo arms?
A:  No.


Q:  I live outside the United States, will there be import duties I have to pay?
A:  Depends on your country, but it is possible you will incur additional import taxes, fees and handling charges imposed by your countries customs officials and delivery agents. Contact your countries customs agency and post delivery agents for details before placing your order.


Q:  Can you declare my international shipment as a gift or a lower price than the purchase price?
A:  No. We will never falsify the US Customs documents.


Q:  Can I place an order by telephone?
A:  No, we cannot accept credit card orders over the telephone. But if you have any questions about any of our merchandise give us a call.


Q:  Do you offer quantity discounts or discounts for merchandise purchased for resale?
A:  No, we are a retail parts resource, we sell our parts to the end consumer.


Q:  There was a problem with my internationally shipped order and it was authorized to return it for a refund. Will you also reimburse for VAT/duties/taxes/fees?
A:  No. We are not responsible for import duties/taxes/fees. Under no circumstances will we reimburse for any VAT/duties/taxes or fees.


Q:  What does the term "Turn-Around Time" or "Build Time" mean?
A:  This is the estimated amount of time expressed in a number of days from the day of order placement until your order will be complete and ready to ship.  It does NOT mean the amount of time until you will receive your order.  Transit time or amount of time an order is in shipment is not figured into the Turn-Around Time or Build Time.


Q:  What information do I need to know about installing a new pickup in my Strat?
A:  We have prepared a technical document to assist you in understanding single coil pickup winding direction and polarities to help you avoid phasing issues.


Q:  Do you offer a left handed version of your Gilmour style Black Strat complete pickguard assembly?
A:  Short answer is no. Long answer is that the reason why we do not build a complete left handed version is two of the important pickups used in this assembly are only available in right handed versions. These two right hand only version pickups are the Fender Custom Shop Fat 50 neck pickup and the Fender Custom Shop Custom '69 middle pickup.  However, we do offer a Gilmour style Black Strat pickguard assembly kit in a left handed version, you would need to source the most appropriate left handed neck and middle pickups, the SSL-5 bridge pickup can be installed either left or right handed, it is universal. We also do not offer left handed versions of our Seymour Duncan Custom Shop SSL-1C DG or SSL-1C DG Rw/Rp bridge pickups.


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