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Customized Pickguard For The New American Elite SSS Strat®
Our Own Custom Manufactured Acrylic Pickguards or Customized Genuine Fender Pickguards

In 2016 Fender® introduced the new American Elite Strat®, but unfortunately they only offer them with a Mint Green or Tortoise Shell pickguard.  This is where we come in and can customize any genuine Fender® pickguard to fit this new Elite SSS Strat® or we can fabricate one of our custom manufactured Black or White Acrylic 1 Ply 0.120" pickguards that have the Rounded and Polished Edge just like those we use to build our complete Gilmour style Black Strat® pickguard assemblies.

The American Elite Strat® has a double action truss rod adjusting wheel located at the heal of the neck which requires a special feature in the pickguards neck pocket cut-out, so we have created a special routing jig to perfectly create this unique feature in any pickguard.

The shielding on the two Acrylic pickguards that we manufacture will have control region only copper foil shielding.  All the other pickguards which are genuine Fender® will have full coverage aluminum foil shielding. We do NOT sell any cheap import pickguards where you will have compatibility issues, only true genuine Fender and true Fender spec with our Acrylic pickguards.

All of the pickguards offered here are for the 3 single coil American Elite Strat®.

Pickguard Selection Options / Pricing

The Following 2 Pickguards Are Our Own Custom Manufactured Pickguards.

  1. Black Acrylic 1 Ply 0.120" w/Rounded and Polished Edge: $110.00
  2. White Acrylic 1 Ply 0.120" w/Rounded and Polished Edge: $110.00

The Following 8 Pickguards Are Genuine Fender.

  1. White 3 Ply, W/B/W: $38.00
  2. Black 3 Ply, B/W/B: $38.00
  3. Black 1 Ply, Solid Black: $45.00
  4. Parchment 3 Ply, P/B/P: $44.00
  5. White Pearl 4 Ply, WP/W/B/W: $54.00
  6. Aged White Pearl 4 Ply, AWP/W/B/W: $54.00
  7. Black Pearl 4 Ply, BP/W/B/W: $54.00
  8. Tortoise Shell 4 Ply, TS/P/B/P: $56.00

  Price: $38.00 to $110.00 Each

Pickguard Selection Options

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Acrylic pickguards are custom manufactured on an "as ordered" basis and the genuine Fender pickguards have to be customized for the unique features required of the American Elite SSS Strat, so give us up to 31 days to get your order complete. Because these pickguards are custom manufactured specifically for you, they do not qualify for return, exchange or refund, no exceptions.

American Elite SSS Strat Custom Pickguard
Customized Genuine Fender White 3 Ply Pickguard Depicted Above.

Above: Close-up illustration of the rounded and polished edge on our Black 1 Ply 0.120" Acrylic pickguard.


White 0.120" Acrylic Pickguard With Rounded And Polished Edge

Above: Close-up illustration of the rounded and polished edge on our White 1 Ply 0.120" Acrylic pickguard.



Occasionally we find very small cosmetic imperfections in the surface of our Acrylic pickguards, typically they are small bubbles or spots and sometimes thin lines. This is not something we consider as defective since they are an effect of the Acrylic casting / handling process.  Unfortunately we cannot determine if any Acrylic pickguard is going to have any of these imperfections until the entire pickguard manufacturing procedures are complete, so there is no way to pick and choose a "perfect" pickguard for a project beforehand. For the most part it's a non-issue and inconsequential and we will never let any pickguard go out that we feel has any undesirable characteristic that is obviously unacceptable.  We've made over a thousand of these pickguards and some have these characteristics and no one has yet felt the need to complain.  With that being said, we just felt it was best to make sure you were aware of these possibilities to avoid any surprises.

Some import Strat's (MIM, MIJ), Squier's or "Look-Alike" Strat® bodies may not be 100% compatible with the pickguard perimeter mounting holes and some adjustment may be needed on your body. Our custom manufactured Acrylic pickguards have the exact same perimeter mounting hole pattern as genuine American Fender® Strat® pickguards, so as long your body mounting holes line up with those, then you should not experience any problem.

Acrylic pickguards and back plates are more fragile than the typical vinyl ones most are familiar with. Always use the utmost of care when installing components into an Acrylic pickguard, never tighten any fastener too tight and never tighten any perimeter mounting screw any tighter than just to the point where the screw barely snugs the pickguard or back plate down to the surface of the body.  Never flex or put undue pressure on any part of the Acrylic pickguard or back plate or you will break it.

Occasionally you may find the need to clean your Acrylic pickguard and the following are items you will need; an old clean and very soft 100% white cotton terrycloth towel or an old clean and very soft 100% white cotton T-shirt, pressurized air can and an Acrylic cleaner such as Novus #1 "Plastic Clean and Shine" or Kleenmaster Brillianize DO NOT use any other cleaning products to clean the Acrylic pickguard or you may damage it.  On occasion you may wish to remove some fine scratches from an Acrylic pickguard or back plate and the Novus #2 "Fine Scratch Remover" is the perfect 1'st step cleaning product choice for this task followed up with Novus #1 or Kleenmaster Brillianize. For world-wide distribution and Acrylic cleaning product availability contact the manufacturers directly at Novus or Brillianize.


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