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Item # 4027-Freeflyte

Custom Manufactured Tremolo Arm For 1983-84 Elite Strat® With Freeflyte Tremolo System

These are custom designed and manufactured stainless steel replacement tremolo arms for the 1983-1984 Elite Strat® with the Freeflyte tremolo system bridge assembly. 

We are replicating these tremolo arms using an original Fender® 6" length Elite Strat® tremolo arm as the production template which allows us to create a correct replica in design, length and bend angles. The two shorter lengths we offer are specific to our reproductions only and are for those that don't want the full 6" length tremolo arm.

These tremolo arms are the push-in style with a small cross-pin which rests into the small groove in the tremolo arm receptacle/bushing on the bridge which allows you to adjust the rotational friction of the tremolo arm.

To effectively use any of our shortened tremolo arms, your bridge should be setup as free-floating.

Each of these tremolo arms are custom fabricated by hand from precision centerless ground 303 stainless steel for a fine finish and relative ease of fabrication. Additionally each of these tremolo arms are polished to a finish similar to chrome.

Available in three lengths:

  • 6"     Standard Length.
  • 5¼"  Intermediate Length.
  • 4¼"  Short Gilmour Length.

Available in right or left handed.

As depicted to the right, we offer six different colored plastic tips to choose from.  The choices are black, cream, vintage cream, mint green, parchment or white. We do not offer a metal tip as found on original Elite Strat® tremolo arms.

You may also need the tremolo arm retaining clip shown below. Click on the image for details.

Freeflyte Tremolo Arm Retaining Clip


Important Information About These Tremolo Arms

If you don't know if your bridge is missing the tremolo arm retaining clip you can look straight down into the center of the bushing that the tremolo arm inserts into and at the bottom about 1" down you would be able to see a small portion of the retaining clip going across the edge of the inside of the bushing. In the lower-most photograph (right) you can see how the retaining clip is installed and how a small portion of the clip extends out into the path of internal portion of the bushing. If you don't see the retaining clip then you will probably want to include one with your order,

If the tremolo arm retaining clip is missing a misconception of how this tremolo arm snaps into place is thought (by some) to be accomplished by the small cross-pin on the tremolo arm and any attempt to press down harder on the tremolo arm into the bridges tremolo arm bushing to lock the arm into place with the cross-pin will only damage the cross-pin in the tremolo arm. So don't do that. The retention of the tremolo arm in the bridge is accomplished by the machined groove at the tip end of the tremolo arm which snaps into place with the tremolo arm retaining clip that is mounted in the bushing on the bridge. The small cross-pin that is installed about 1" up from the tip of the tremolo arm simply rests in the groove in the bushing on the top side of the bridge and this bushing has the ability to be tightened or loosened in how it rotates to dictate how firm or loose the tremolo arm rotates because of how the tremolo arm's cross-pin engages this bushing. The adjustment of the bushing is done from the underside of the bridge by turning the nut in either direction to change the rotational friction of the tremolo arm. It's adjustment is simply a matter of finger rotational tightness on its nut, there is no need for any wrench, you will only cause problems if you tighten it with a wrench.  To really understand how this works it is best to have the bridge removed and make the adjustments with the bridge in your hand and it will all become clear to you...


Each of these tremolo arms are custom manufactured for each order, so give us up to 5 days to complete your tremolo arm. These tremolo arms do not qualify for return, exchange or refund since they are time consuming to fabricate and each tremolo arm is created specifically for each customer when ordered. So make sure this is the correct tremolo arm for your Strat® before ordering.

Custom Stainless Steel 1983-1984 Elite Stratocaster Freeflyte Pop-In Tremolo Arms

Custom Stainless Steel 1983-1984 Elite Stratocaster Freeflyte Pop-In Tremolo Arms Plastic Tip Color

Freeflyte tremolo bridge, top

Example showing the top side of the tremolo bridge that we fabricate these tremolo arms for. There are two versions of this bridge, this is the standard or basic version, there is also a deluxe version which is more refined visually, it will have the Fender® "F" etched along the top/back edge, but the tremolo arm attaches the same.

Freeflyte Tremolo Bridge, Bottom

Example showing the back side of the tremolo bridge that we fabricate these tremolo arms for.

Select Your Tremolo Arm Length and Plastic Tip Color Options

Tremolo Arm Length:
Right or Left Handed:
Plastic Tip Color:

Vintage Cream most closely approximates Fender's Aged White, it's not an exact match, but it's the closest.
Price: $60.00

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