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Item # 4022

 Custom Gilmour Black Strat® Inspired Recessed Mini-Toggle Switch Mounting Bracket Kit

Gilmour Black Strat Recessed Mini-Toggle Switch Bracket and Switch Kit
This is what you'll receive.
Gilmour Black Strat Recessed Mini-Toggle Switch Bracket and Switch Kit
This is where it fastens in place with the volume and tone potentiometers.
Gilmour Black Strat Recessed Mini-Toggle Switch Bracket and Switch Kit
Bracket fastened in place on the pickguard with the two potentiometers.
Gilmour Black Strat Recessed Mini-Toggle Switch Bracket and Switch Kit
How it will look once you route your pickguard with the 0.300" x 0.125" slot.

Don't be lured by copy-cat's of our original design by their somewhat lower cost, we've been doing this for over 14 years and others want to hone in on our original creativity and are offering cheap clones, we know how it's done and how to do it right... Others are simulating this design with thin tin or thin aluminum sheet metal material, this skimping on the material makes it much easier to create the shape, because they're lazy and cheap and in effect reduces this bracket's strength and rigidity and allows theirs to flex easily when activating the switch. 

We fabricate each of these recessed switch mounting brackets in our shop in Stockton, California.

Our custom stainless steel recessed toggle switch mounting bracket allows you to mount the mini-toggle switch used for the neck pickup switching modification in your Strat® style guitar with ease.  This bracket is 0.030" thick which allows it to mount directly under the volume and tone potentiometer with the stainless material creating a sturdy platform for the switch mounting. With this kit you can covertly mount the mini-toggle switch under the pickguard and have only a portion of the toggle lever protrude through the pickguard for a sleek, unobtrusive Black Strat® custom styling. No more chrome hex nuts and flat washers on the top side of your pickguard holding your mini-toggle switch in place, which is bland, uncreative and not unique by any means. This kit keeps the switch out of the way and prevents accidental switching without your knowledge, when this switch is flipped it is intentional, not accidental, you can't bump this one with a knuckle. Simply route the recessed mini-toggle switch slot in your favorite pickguard and assemble.

The item includes the stainless steel recessed mini-toggle switch mounting bracket, a SPST on/off mini toggle switch along with the Black Strat® wiring diagram and pickguard routing instructions which will be sent to you via email after your order has been invoiced. The mounting holes in which the potentiometers fasten this bracket in place are 3/8" in diameter and fit a standard Fender® Stratocaster® specification pickguard. This kit does NOT include the pickguard, knobs, switch tip, potentiometers, 5-way pickup selector switch or screws as pictured above, they are for reference and illustration purposes only. We also offer other pickguard kits if you are not up to the routing of your own pickguard, they are items #4031, #4031P and #4035.

IMPORTANT: This bracket and switch kit is NOT a replacement for any of our Black Strat® pickguard assemblies or pickguard kits which include a pre-routed pickguard, such as #4031P, #4031 or #4035, this bracket and switch are slightly different by design.  So keep this in mind if you've purchased our #4031P, #4031 or #4035 kits or assemblies, there are differences between switch types and required slot lengths routed in the pickguard. This bracket is sold solely as a stand-alone item where you are required to route the small slot in your pickguard in the correct location and to the dimensions (0.300" x 0.125") according to the specifications of the bracket and SPST on/off switch type.  We cannot accept your pickguard to route the mini-toggle switch slot.  If for any reason you are unable to perform the routing in your pickguard you cannot request to purchase one of our Acrylic Gilmour Black Strat pickguards with the pre-cut mini-toggle switch slot to use with this bracket, it won't work.

This bracket and switch kit is NOT designed to be used with a 5-way Super switch or any two wafer selector switch, those switches are wider and will interfere with the switch mounting bracket.

If you would like more detailed information on how this was installed check out our Black Strat® Project

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Price: $39.00 Per Kit

Turn-around time from order placement to shipment is up to 45 days.  Holiday work-loads sometimes may increase turn-around time, but keep in mind, we don't waste any time in getting these manufactured, packed and shipped on their way to you.

Since this is an assembly kit you must have the necessary skills and tools perform the routing of your pickguard and to assemble this kit. You also must possess the knowledge necessary to troubleshoot if problems arise in your assembly or wiring. We do not provide a troubleshooting service to figure out what went wrong with your particular assembly and with any mistakes you might of made.


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