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Item # 8431 (1/4")
Item # 8432 (5/16")
Item # 8433 (3/8")

#4-48 Black Alloy Steel Strat® Saddle Height Adjustment Screws

Black alloy steel bridge saddle height adjustment screws for 2008 and newer American Standard Stratocaster® as well as the 2017 American Professional Stratocaster® that use the fine thread #4-48 saddle height adjustment screws. Typically Fender has used the #4-40 saddle height set screws on the Strat since 1954, so before ordering make sure to determine the correct thread size on your particular guitar before ordering.  Uses the 0.050" adjusting hex wrench which is available here.

: #4-48.
Lengths: 1/4", 5/16" or 3/8".

Most common setups are to use shorter length saddle height screws on the little E and big E string saddles with the in-between saddles B, G, D & A using the next size larger.  Exactly which saddle height screws you use on your two outer E string saddles all depends on your particular guitar setup.  The most common quantities for a complete six saddle height adjustment screw re-fit usually are one of the following two combinations:

  • 4 of the 1/4" length and 8 of the 5/16" length.
  • 4 of the 5/16" length and 8 of the 3/8" length. 

If you are unsure as to which saddle height screws to choose to accommodate your particular setup and neck radius you could purchase 4 of the 1/4" length, 10 of the 5/16" length and 8 of the 3/8" length and this would provide you with enough set screws to setup your guitar exactly as needed for only $8.80.

The reason for the 3 different lengths for these saddle height adjustment screws is so that you can set the radius of the saddles to closely approximate the radius of your fret board without having excessive length of the set screws protruding above the saddles causing your hand to get caught on while playing.  You'll want to keep the excess height of these above the saddle as short or flush as possible.

Sold Individually

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Price: $0.40 Each
#4-48 Black Alloy Steel Strat Saddle Height Adjustment Screws

Saddle height screws are sold individually in three lengths: 1/4",  5/16" and 3/8". 
Black alloy steel #4-48 machine screw threading.

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