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Item #1995-AVRI-57-Neck

Used 1995 Fender® American Vintage '57 Reissue Strat® Maple Neck
21 Vintage Frets, Maple Fingerboard, 7-1/4" Radius

There is only one of these necks available.  All photographs are of the actual neck described and offered for sale.

Offered here is a used original 1995 Fender American vintage '57 reissue maple neck, 7-1/4" radius fingerboard and 21 vintage frets.

This used neck shows very little signs of actual use, the subtle indications of use can be noticed on the first 3 frets where the strings were pressed down and left very light marks on the top of the frets, all of the other frets do not show any string wear marks.

The truss rod adjusting nut rotates and adjusts smoothly. The neck is flat when there is no tension on the truss rod adjustment, no twisting, no warping.

This neck has the original Fender installed string nut, it has never been replaced. The string nut slots appear to be cut low, but lower nut slot depths are typical for the lower vintage frets, but we are unsure if nut slots depths may affect a set up string height, it is possible the string slots may be low enough that the string nut may need to be replaced at some point.

Inspection of the nitrocellulose lacquer on the overall wood of the neck does not reveal any wear, damage or signs of finish checking which is often typical of older nitrocellulose lacquer finishes, it is in excellent condition for a 26 year old neck.

Originally at Fender when this neck was being created it was sprayed with nitrocellulose lacquer completely covering all of the frets and only when the frets were leveled, crowned and polished in the final production was the lacquer removed from the top of each fret but lacquer remained on the front and back side of each fret. Over time the lacquer that remained on the front and back side of each fret has some of it chipped away from the fret as shown in the 2'nd to the last photograph below, this chipping away of the lacquer is only from portions of the metal frets, all of the nitrocellulose lacquer covered wood is entirely unaffected.

The installed tuners are the original nickel plated Gotoh vintage tuners with a 1:15 tuning ratio. The E6 (bass) tuning key is slightly free'er in its rotation than the others, this E6 tuning key is no different in any other characteristic.

The four neck mounting screw holes show good condition with screw threads intact and clean.

The neck profile shape is described by Fender as Soft "V", but in our evaluation it could be a Vintage "C". Maybe this particular Soft "V" is very soft, but what ever profile shape it actually is, we have created an illustration below to show you the actual profile shape of the neck.  The neck profile shape as shown below was created by using small diameter (0.050") solid copper wire to form-fit the wire shape around the profile of the neck to reveal the actual shape of the neck, what you see below in the "Neck Profile Shape" illustration is not a drawing or interpretation, but photographs of the actual copper wires as they were form-fitted around the back of the neck to get a true visualization of its profile shape.  We did this in two locations on the neck, at the 2'nd fret and the 11'th fret.  The illustration is not to scale for the width and thickness (depth), it is merely illustrated to reveal the actual curved shape. So whether you want to call it Soft "V" or Vintage "C" is up to you, it is what it is...

There is no date stamp on the heel of the neck, but when we purchased this neck from the original owner in December 2010 it was described as a 1995 model year neck and they additionally provided us with the original serial number of #V075907 that was assigned by Fender to the complete Strat this neck came from. We have run that serial number through our Fender dealer portal's serial number lookup and confirmed it was from a 1995 AVRI '57 Strat with a two tone burst finish produced on March 2, 1995.

We've accurately described this neck based on a thorough evaluation  This neck does not qualify for return, exchange or refund, it is being sold "As Is".

  • Fingerboard: Maple
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Number of Frets: 21
  • Fret Size: Vintage
  • Average Fret Height: 0.035"
  • Fret Width: Approximately 0.085"
  • Neck Profile Shape: See illustration to the right. Soft V or Vintage C?  We're unsure.
  • Fingerboard Radius: 7-1/4"
  • Neck Finish: Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer
  • Scale Length: 25.5"
  • Nut Material: Bone (according to Fender). Simulated bone or real bone? We're unsure.
  • Nut Width: 1.654"
  • String Tree: Vintage, No Height Spacer, Mounted Flush Against Face of Headstock
  • Neck Thickness Directly Behind 1'st Fret: 0.813"
  • Neck Thickness Directly Behind 5'th Fret: 0.825"
  • Neck Thickness Directly Behind 7'th Fret: 0.830"
  • Neck Thickness Directly Behind 12'th Fret: 0.848"
  • Position Inlays: Black Dot, Narrow Spaced at 12'th Fret
  • Truss Rod: Vintage Adjustment at Heel of Neck
  • Walnut "Skunk" Stripe on Back of Neck
  • Tuners: Vintage Nickel Gotoh 1:15 Ratio

Price: $850.00


This neck is sold "As Is" a used neck and tuners, no returns, no exchanges, no refunds.

By placing an order for this neck you agree to and accept all the conditions, terms and characteristics stated above.

The above photograph shows the depth of the string slots in the nut.

The above photograph shows the very light wear visible in the first fret, very light and really only noticeable on the 1'st three frets.

The above photograph shows how the nitrocellulose lacquer has chipped away from the front and rear of some frets, the image is focused sharply on the 11'th fret. Other frets have this same characteristic either on the front side or the back side which some can be seen above but are out of focus, but can be seen as silver.


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