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Strap Buttons and Strap Locks


099-4915-100 Genuine Fender Vintage Strap Buttons

Genuine Fender® Original (Vintage) Strap Buttons - Nickel



001-8916-049 Genuine Fender Vintage Gold Strap Buttons

Genuine Fender® Vintage Strap Buttons - Gold



006-3267-049 - Fender Strap Button Kit

Genuine Fender® Original (Vintage) Strap Button Kit - Chrome



EP-BT - Gotoh Vintage Strap Buttons

Gotoh Nickel Vintage Strap Buttons



099-4914-100 Genuine Fender American Standard Strap Buttons

Genuine Fender® American Series Locking Strap Buttons - Chrome



AP-0683-B01 - Shaller Chrome Strap Buttons

Schaller Chrome Locking Strap Buttons - Chrome



099-0690-000 Genuine Fender/Schaller Strap Locks & Buttons Set

Genuine Fender® / Schaller Chrome Strap Locks & Buttons Set



099-4914-200 - Fender / Schaller Gold Strap Lock Buttons

Genuine Fender® American Series Locking Strap Buttons - Gold



002-2043-049 Fender / Schaller Gold Strap Locks

Genuine Fender® / Schaller Strap Locks - Gold



Schaller 14010501 / 447 Gold Security Strap Lock Kit

Schaller Security Strap Lock Kit - Gold



099-0818-300 Genuine Fender "F" Strap Locks - Chrome

Genuine Fender® "F" Series Strap Locks & Buttons Set - Chrome



099-0818-301 Genuine Fender "F" Strap Locks - Black

Genuine Fender® "F" Series Strap Locks & Buttons Set - Black



099-0818-302 Genuine Fender "F" Strap Locks - Gold

Genuine Fender® "F" Series Strap Locks & Buttons Set - Gold


099-4929-000-2 / 099-4930-000-2

099-4929-000 - 099-4930-000 Strat Strap Button Felt Washers

Genuine Fender® Strap Button Felt Washers

$1.25 Pair


AP-0674-B23 / AP-0674-B25 - Strap Button Felt Washers

Strap Button Felt Washers

$1.25 Pair


099-0819-000 - Fender Strap Blocks - 2 Pair

Genuine Fender® Strap Blocks

$3.99 Two Pair


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