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Item # 4001

Custom Double Recessed Mini-Toggle Switch Pickguard Kit

What we are offering here is a unique twist on how Strat® pickup selection modification switches are mounted and presented.  The concept behind this mini-toggle switch mounting style reflects on the Gilmour Black Strat® and it's single recessed mini-toggle switch but we have taken it a few steps further for increased diversity.

For our pickup selection modifications we don't utilize push/pull or push/push pots which are quite typical and unoriginal and we don't mount our mini-toggle switches in holes drilled in the pickguard using the standard chrome flat washer and hex nut on the top side of the pickguard, that's also very typical and unoriginal.

For this particular modification implementation we have custom routed two small 1/8" x 5/16" slots in the pickguard, custom designed a unique stainless steel mounting bracket to secure both of the mini-toggle switches in alignment with the two slots in the pickguard which is then fastened securely in place with the volume and tone potentiometers. This custom mini-toggle switch mounting bracket provides a recessed or lowered profile of both switches that only allows a small portion (approx. 1/4") of each switch lever to protrude through the top side of the pickguard.  This is the same kit as installed in our Fat Strat® Project.

With this unique switch mounting method you won't accidentally bump a toggle switch with your hand or knuckles while playing, the profile of the toggle switch levers are just too low to inadvertently bump.  By mounting the mini-toggle switches this way they are only activated or de-activated with intent, or when you want them switched, no accidental pickup selection changes with this design method. 

The HSS pickguards Humbucker pickup mounting are the standard Fender® 3 hole mounting style.


Pickguard Kits Included Components and Component Options

  • Pickguard - Custom routed with two slots for mini-toggle switches. (Your choice of one of the following)
    • White 3 Ply, Standard 11 Hole, SSS
    • Black 3 Ply, Standard 11 Hole, SSS
    • Parchment 3 Ply, Standard 11 Hole, SSS
    • Black 1 Ply, Standard 11 Hole, SSS
    • White 3 Ply, '62 Vintage 11 Hole, SSS
    • Black 3 Ply, '62 Vintage 11 Hole, SSS
    • White 1 Ply, '57 Vintage 8 Hole, SSS
    • White 3 Ply, Standard 11 Hole, HSS
    • Black 3 Ply, Standard 11 Hole, HSS
    • Mint Green 3 Ply, Standard 11 Hole, HSS
  • Custom Stainless Steel Double Recessed Mini-Toggle Switch Mounting Bracket.
  • Tone Capacitor - Orange Drop (Your choice of one of the following).
    • 0.047 uF.
    • 0.033 uF.
    • 0.022 uF.
  • Mini-Toggle Switches (Your choice of two of the following).
    • SPDT (on/on).
    • DPDT (on/on).
  •  Potentiometers (Your choice of one of the following sets of three).
    • CTS 250K..
    • CTS 500K.
  • Pickup Selector Switch (Your choice of one of the following).
    • CRL 3-Way.
    • CRL 5-Way.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are selecting your modification kit  with one of the '62 vintage pickguards or '57 vintage pickguard they are unshielded as provided by Fender. To have the genuine Fender® aluminum '62 pickguard shield or '57 control area shield included please add it separately to the right using the appropriate "Add to Cart" button.  The '62 vintage aluminum pickguard shield is a full pickguard coverage shield.  The '57 vintage aluminum pickguard shield is a control area only shield.  These shielding's are specific and authentic to how they were originally built by Fender® during the respective era with the obvious exception of the custom modification which allows the recessed mini-toggle switches to protrude through.

Double Recessed Mini-Toggle Switch Assembly Kit
Double Recessed Mini-Toggle Switch Assembly Kit
Double Recessed Mini-Toggle Switch Assembly Kit

Some examples of the custom wiring that can be implemented with this particular assembly as follows:

The 1'st SPDT mini-toggle switch can activate the neck pickup which then gives you two more pickup selections for a total of 7.  You can then have with the neck and the bridge pickup activated together like a telecaster, or you can have all 3 pickups activated at the same time.

The 2'nd DPDT mini-toggle switch can switch a Humbucking pickup's two coils from series or parallel.  When selected in series it has the typical full Humbucking pickup sound, when selected in parallel it takes on a single coil pickup sound yet still retains the hum cancelling capability.  This Humbucking pickup could be a single coil sized pickup which has that full Humbucking sound but in the small single coil pickup size package such as the Seymour Duncan SL59-1b bridge pickup.

Another option for the one of the mini-toggle switches would be to use a SPDT switch where you could switch a tapped bridge pickup from low output to high output with a pickup such as the Seymour Duncan SSL-3T or SSL-5T.  With a tapped pickup you can have dual output level selection options from one pickup depending on which tap is currently active.

Yet another option for one of the mini-toggle switches would be to use a DPDT switch to perform a "Direct-Through" modification where the volume potentiometer is by-passed to eliminate any loss of signal it grabs.  The signals from the pickups are then routed directly to the output jack.

As you can see there are any number of pickup selection options that can be utilized, it's up to you and your creativity.

Select Your Pickguard Kit Options
Selector Switch:
Mini-Toggle Switch #1:
Mini-Toggle Switch #2:
Tone Capacitor:
Price: $135.00
To add the '62 Vintage Aluminum Pickguard Shield:
$25.00 Up Charge

To add the '57 Vintage Aluminum Control Area Shield:
$15.00 Up Charge

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