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Item # EZ Trem Custom Designed and Manufactured ' EZ Trem ' Stainless Steel Tremolo Arm

Featured here is a unique new design for a Strat® tremolo arm; The "EZ Trem".  As you already know, when in use, the standard Strat® tremolo arm comes straight toward the neck as it comes up and out of the bridge, with the "EZ Trem" design it drops down 1-1/2" before turning and coming back toward the neck (as depicted in the photo to the right and below).  This 1½" drop lowers the tremolo arm and places it in a more forward and natural angle within the hand when swung into the playing position and opens the strings near the saddles for easy palm muting.

The "EZ Trem" design is very comfortable for those that like to hold or rest the tremolo arm in their hand while playing, it also  facilitates palm muting of the strings with ease.  Many find that the 4¼" length "EZ-Trem" arm can be held quite well with just their little finger permitting simultaneous tremolo use while picking or strumming.  Whether it is held entirely in your hand or with just your little finger, you will find that the "EZ Trem" tremolo arm is a unique improvement over the standard Strat® tremolo arm style.

Our "EZ Trem" is at it's best when your bridge is set up as "Free Floating". With a free floating bridge setup very subtle and accurate tremolo effect can be achieved quite effectively.

Our "EZ Trem" style of tremolo arm is very similar as to those used by Hank Marvin and Brian May.

Each of our "EZ Trem" tremolo arms are custom manufactured by hand from Precision Ground 303 Stainless Steel in three lengths for the Fender® Stratocaster® style of guitars.  The Precision Ground finish provides a very smooth and clean appearance.  The 303 grade of stainless steel offers strength, durability and excellent machinability to produce clean accurate threading. The "EZ Trem" tremolo arms are threaded at the attachment end in either American UNF 10-32 or Metric 5mm threading, they are also threaded on the tip end to accept standard plastic tips.  The "EZ Trem" is manufactured for right handed guitars only.


We Offer The ' EZ Trem ' In Three Different Lengths:

  • 4¼"  Short Length.
  • 5¼"  Intermediate Length.
  • 6"     Standard Length.

We Manufacture The ' EZ Trem ' To Fit The Following Guitars:

  • Any American Vintage Strat® (10-32 Threads).
  • American Standard Strat® w/2 Point Tremolo Bridge (10-32 Threads).
  • Mexican Strat® (5mm x .8 Threads).
  • Japanese Strat® (5mm x .8 Threads).
  • Squier Strat® 5mm. Squier calls this "Smaller Thread" (5mm x .8)
  • Any guitar that utilizes any of the following attachment threading for their tremolo arm: UNF 10-32 or 5mm x .8.

The above listing is not guaranteed 100%, some models vary, if you are unsure as to the exact attachment threading in your bridge, email us before ordering.

As depicted to the right, we offer six different colored plastic tips to choose from.  The choices are black, cream, vintage cream, mint green, parchment or white.


Custom Stainless Steel Stratocaster Tremolo Arms

The above photograph shows the 5
¼" Intermediate Length "EZ Trem" tremolo arm.

Tremolo Arm Length:
Threading Type:
Tip Color:

Price: $26.00

Each EZ-Trem tremolo arm is custom manufactured on an "as ordered" basis, so give us 1 to 3 days to make yours.


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