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Dedicated To The World's Most Popular Electric Guitar, The Fender® Stratocaster®

We stock all the high quality, brand new parts and accessories you'll need for repairing, restoring or building your Strat®.  Brand names like Fender®, Seymour Duncan, Kluson, Wilkinson, Gotoh, CTS, Switchcraft, CRL and more...

Currently we stock over 275 genuine Fender® parts and accessories to ensure you get the perfect matched part for your Strat®.

Currently we're specializing in a Gilmour style Black Strat® by custom building complete authentic replica Black Strat® pickguard assemblies ready to drop into your Strat®. To complement this project accurately, we are manufacturing the unique Black 1 Ply 0.120" Acrylic pickguard with the Rounded and Polished Edge which is like Gilmour's original and we also have the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop hand scatter-wound SSL-1C DG bridge pickup.  Visit our Black Strat® Parts page to view all of our parts and accessories that'll assist you in completing your Black Strat® project today.

Custom Built Gilmour Style Complete Black Strat® Pickguard Assembly

If you're building a Gilmour style Black Strat® and you're looking for the most authentic and accurately reproduced complete pickguard assembly you can find? Then your search is over, we're custom manufacturing complete Gilmour style Black Strat® pickguard assemblies that are the most authentic outside of the Fender® Custom Shop. You'll appreciate the effort we have put into accurately reproducing one of the most popular signature series custom Strat® projects.

With our Gilmour Black Strat® pickguard assembly it no longer has to look like Gilmour's, so we offer you many different pickguard options to build yours visually different but still retaining all the functionality and tone of the original but more in tune with your Strat's® color theme.

For full details check out our Black Strat® pickguard assembly page.

We Have The New Fender® Pure Vintage 1954 Accessory Kits

For those that are after authentic vintage 1954 Strat® knobs, pickup covers, switch tip, tremolo arm tip and back plate, then these Accessory Kits are exactly what you've been looking for.  Every aspect of these 1954 Accessory Kits are an exact replica of the accessories installed on the very first Strat® ever sold in 1954. 

The image to the right depicts only the "Tall Boy" knobs and "Football" switch tip, but the full accessory kit is included. Don't spend a small fortune on aftermarket reproductions of just the knob set for $100.00 or more, these are genuine Fender® replica's reproduced from the original 1954 Strat®.

If you would like the knob set in this kit customized with the dark green letters and numbers, we can do that for $25.00 extra.

We recently introduced another new black 1 ply 0.120" thick Acrylic Strat® back plate with a unique rounded and polished perimeter edge.  This new back plate is a vintage style that has 6 oblong holes for the strings to pass through.  We are custom manufacturing these back plates along with matching style pickguards exclusively in our shop by hand, they are not pre-fabricated, imported or mass production parts, each one is manufactured specifically for each customer when an order is received.

For full details and purchasing click here.

Something Special For The Serious Gilmour Style Black Strat® Builder

The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop SSL-1C DG Single Coil PickupSeymour Duncan Custom SSL-1C DG Pickups

We have this unique pickup that a lot of you serious Gilmour style Black Strat® builders have sought after. You will not find these anywhere else except in Gilmour's original Black Strat® or Fender's® Custom Shop Gilmour Signature Series Black Strat®.  These are original, authentic Seymour Duncan custom shop's hand scatter-wound pickups. These pickups are available separately or installed in our Complete Black Strat® Pickguard Assemblies.  We also have a Reverse Polarity version of this very same pickup to give you a couple pickup selections of hum cancelling. SSL-1C DG RP.

Custom Strat® Tremolo Arms

We custom manufacture stainless steel tremolo arms for the Fender® Strat® or any guitar that accepts a 10-32 or 5mm thread-in tremolo arm, we also manufacture the American Deluxe Strat® push-in tremolo arms as well as the elusive Elite Strat® Freeflyte push-in tremolo arms. Our most popular tremolo arm is the short 4-¼" Gilmour style length. We also offer the standard 6" length and an intermediate 5-¼" length. Each of our tremolo arms are manufactured by hand, they are not mass produced. We may use a lathe, drill press, grinder, buffer and a custom rod bender to produce our various models of tremolo arms, but each tremolo arm is manufactured one at a time by hand to a unique set of specifications for each style and model of tremolo arm.

Custom Manufactured Stainless Steel Strat Tremolo Arms


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